Roast Pork Sandwich w/ Fresh Cherry Reduction & Roquefort Mayonnaise

This creation sounds complex, but it was a very simple meal made from Christmas dinner leftovers. My mom roasted a couple of large cuts of pork infused with LOTS of garlic, and the next day I wanted to taste the meat without all the other sides…so I closed my eyes and combined various flavors in my mind. The result was pure deliciousness.


clip_image001 Garlic-infused pork roast sliced thin or chopped (you can use any cooked meat that you have on hand)

clip_image001[1] Onion bread sandwich rolls (use a roll or bun type bread for this one, regular bread won’t hold up well)

clip_image001[2] Spring mix greens (or just use your favorite lettuce)

clip_image001[2] Cucumbers (sliced thin)

clip_image001[2] Bacon (cooked)



clip_image002 Fresh cherries (pits removed)

clip_image002[1] Vodka (about 1/2 cup…or more if you like)

clip_image002[2] Fresh lemon juice (1/2 lemon)

clip_image002[2] Sugar (I used about 3/4 cups, but sweeten to satisfy your palate)

Dump everything in a saucepan, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium. Simmer the mixture for about 20-30 minutes, or until  the cherries are soft and the reduction is slightly thickened. The consistency is up to you. Just remember that it’s going on a sandwich.

IMAG1856   IMAG1880


Roquefort, classic blue cheese made from ewe’s milk, often considered one of the greatest cheeses of France. The designation Roquefort is protected by French law.


IMAG1887Roquefort is one of the oldest known cheeses. It was reportedly the favorite cheese of the emperor Charlemagne, and in France it is called le fromage des rois et des papes (“the cheese of kings and popes”). Roquefort cheese is widely imitated throughout the world, and its name is used rather indiscriminately on processed cheeses and salad dressings. True Roquefort is noted for its sharp, tangy, salty flavour and its rich, creamy texture. Today some authentic Roqueforts are made in Corsica, but all still undergo final aging in the limestone caves of Roquefort near Toulouse in southern France, where the cool and humid atmosphere promotes growth of the mold Penicillium roqueforti. By French law, only cheese that is processed at Roquefort, France, may be labeled “Roquefort cheese”; other French blue-veined cheeses are called “bleu” cheese.

clip_image003 3.5 oz Roquefort cheese

clip_image003[1] 1/4 cup mayonnaise

Mix the cheese and mayo thoroughly…that’s it! You can adjust the amount of the two ingredients to your taste preference.

The only thing left to do is build your sandwich…and you can do that any way you want to…ENJOY!





EGGPORN BREAKFAST! Shrimp Fried Rice & Sunny Eggs…Bon Apetit!

How did this come about? Simple…I was hungry! Sarcastic smile


Seriously…I woke up and decided to do something with some leftover rice and the last three eggs and shrimp I had in the refrigerator.


clip_image001 About 3-1/2 cups of leftover cooked rice

clip_image001[1] A couple of handfuls of medium-sized shrimp

clip_image001[1] Handful of chopped leeks (green part), or green onions

clip_image001[1] About 4oz of sliced mushrooms

clip_image001[2] Sea salt

clip_image001[3] Ground ginger

clip_image001[4] Liquid aminos (or low-sodium soy sauce)

clip_image001[5] Toasted sesame oil (or whatever oil you have available)

- Heat about 1/4 cup sesame oil in a non-stick pan on high heat. Don’t be afraid to use this oil because that is where most of the flavor comes from, but you can use less if desired.

-  Sauté the mushrooms for about 1-2 minutes.

- Season the shrimp with sea salt and ginger, and cook with the mushrooms until just barely translucent.

- Throw the rice and leeks/onions in the pan and toss with the other ingredients for about a minute.

- Next add about 1/4 cup liquid aminos and toss until the rice is coated and “brown”. If using soy sauce you might want to use a little less because of the sodium content, but it’s up to you.

- Continue tossing all the ingredients together over high heat for about 1-2 minutes, and transfer to a serving dish…THAT’S IT!

Now I chose to serve my rice with sunny-side up eggs. However, you can add a beaten egg to mixture above before adding the aminos or soy sauce…just like at the Chinese restaurant!




Spicy Shrimp Penne Pasta

I don’t usually get excited about eating the dishes I prepare, but I must admit that this was REALLY tasty! Vegetarian Penne Pasta w/ Shrimp, Chile Lime Gouda, Extra Sharp Provolone, Leeks, Cilantro, Basil, & Freshly Ground Red Pepper Flakes, topped w/ Goat Cheese…

This was a really quick and easy dish to make. It took me about 25-30 minutes total. I apologize up front, but I did not use a recipe. I will share the ingredients, and hopefully inspire you to add your own magic this dish when you cook it in your own kitchen (smile).

a (1)


clip_image001 Fresh shrimp

clip_image001[1] Penne pasta

clip_image001[2] Chile-Lime Gouda cheese

clip_image001[3] Extra sharp Provolone cheese

clip_image001[4] Leeks (chopped)

clip_image001[5] Fresh cilantro (roughly chopped)

clip_image001[6] Fresh basil (roughly chopped)

clip_image001[6] Mini red & orange bell peppers

clip_image001[7] Freshly ground red pepper flakes

clip_image001[8] Sea salt

clip_image001[9] Cracked black pepper

clip_image001[10] Hungarian paprika

clip_image001[10] Philadelphia cooking crème (plain)

clip_image001[10] Half & Half

clip_image001[11] Goat cheese (crumbled)


clip_image002 First, season the shrimp with salt and pepper, and sear them until just barely translucent.

clip_image002[1] While the water reaches boiling, prep all the other ingredients…chop the herbs and veggies, grate the cheese.

clip_image002[2] For the red pepper flakes, ground a few dried Mexican chiles in a food processor. The heat and flavor are AMAZING!

a (2)

clip_image002[3] Cook the pasta al dente – about 9 minutes for the kind I used – and drain it.

clip_image002[4] Here’s where it gets exciting…just start adding the ingredients to the pasta until it is to your liking.

a (3)

The grated cheese can get quite sticky, so I added a small container of the cooking crème and enough half & half to get and maintain a smooth creamy consistency. Adjust the seasonings to your palate, mix everything well, top with the crumbled goat cheese, and that’s it!

a (4)

a (6)



G’s Grilled Veggie Panini w/ Creole Mustard

Okay y’all…this is TOO easy! First, don’t be intimidated by the “grilling” aspect of this delicious treat. You can use a Panini grill, a standard grill, a stovetop grill…or a PAN (just think Grilled Cheese). And you don’t have to use fancy ingredients – use whatever cheese and veggies your palate desires.

panini (3)

With that said here is the “recipe” I created for this Panini…


clip_image002 Sliced Multigrain thin rounds (or use your favorite bread)

clip_image002[1] Sliced Calabaza squash (sliced, 1/4-inch thick)

clip_image002[2] Portobello mushroom caps (sliced in half)

clip_image002[3] Onions (sliced thinly)

clip_image002[4] Vine-ripe tomatoes (sliced thinly)

clip_image002[5] Grated aged provolone, butter kase, & aged Rotterdam cheeses (use regular American cheese if you like)

CREOLE MUSTARD (I didn’t measure…prepare it to your taste preference, or use regular mustard, mayo, or whatever you like)

clip_image001 Horseradish

clip_image001[1] Sour cream

clip_image001[2] White vinegar

clip_image001[3] Brown mustard seeds

clip_image001[4] Sea salt

panini (1)


If desired, you can grill or pre-cook your veggies to soften them up before constructing your sandwich. However, I am a big fan of fresh veggies, so I didn’t cook them first. The key to making sure that your sandwich remains relatively intact is to add a layer of cheese between each of the ingredients.

There is no particular order or rhyme or reason for building your Panini…just do it, and toss it on the grill or in the pan. If using a pan, feel free to add a little butter or olive oil to give a deeper flavor to the bread. And make sure you have a good spatula to press that thing down and get that cheese all melted and gooey!

And guess what??? If you want to add your favorite ham or bacon or chicken breast or whatever…GO FOR IT! Recipes are nothing but glorified guidelines…

panini (2)



G’s Holiday Pasta!

I am watching IRON CHEF AMERICA Holiday Battle 2012, and I got hungry…go figure. Well I took inspiration from the first secret ingredient on the show – GINGERBREAD – and I decided to incorporate cinnamon into some tomatoes…yes…I’m serious.

I had a can of organic crushed tomatoes and some leftover ridged elbow pasta. I mixed those two ingredients with some Monterey Jack cheese, sea salt, & fresh ground cinnamon … AWESOME!!!


Because the pasta was already cooked, it took me a total of 3 minutes to prepare this dish…DAM I’M GOOD!