I recently prepared a Guinness stew to celebrate the Irish heritage of the grandmother of a wonderful friend of mine…well, it’s done…and it is DELICIOUS! I based this dish on a recipe by Chef John of the Food Wishes blog (, but of course I had to add my own “flair” to this international delight.


The biggest liberty I took was with the actual beer. The recipe calls for one can of Guinness Extra Stout…I used about four cans, in addition to a bit of my usual Schlitz Malt Liquor and a small amount of beef stock. That amount of Guinness really could have made the stew bitter, but I knew that my magic culinary touch would prevail…and it did. The stew was perfect. I also used larger amounts of the other ingredients as well.

IMG_0904   IMG_0910

So check out the original recipe below (and at this URL:, and then view the complete photo album to see my detailed preparation…




clip_image001 4 strips bacon, sliced into small pieces

clip_image001[1] 2 1/2 lb. beef chuck, cut in 2-inch pieces (tossed with black pepper and at least 1 tsp salt)

clip_image001[2] 2 onions, chopped

clip_image001[3] 1/2 tsp salt

clip_image001[4] 4 cloves garlic, minced

clip_image001[5] 1 can (14.0-oz) Guinness beer, or other dark beer

clip_image001[6] 1/4 cup tomato paste

clip_image001[7] 4 sprigs of fresh thyme

clip_image001[8] 3 carrots, cut in 1-inch pieces

clip_image001[9] 2 ribs celery, cut in 1-inch pieces

clip_image001[10] 2 1/2 cups chicken stock, or as needed

clip_image001[11] 1 tsp sugar

clip_image001[12] salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Simmer stew on very low heat, covered, for about 2 hours, or until fork tender. Uncover, raise heat to med-high, and reduce the liquid, stirring occasionally until sauce thickens to your liking.

Chef John prepares Beef & Guinness Stew



I prepared this side dish based on a recipe by Chef John of the Food Wishes blog @

The secret here is a quick blanching in boiling salted water, and then 15 or 20 minutes in a really hot oven. The searing heat and natural goodness of the vegetables do most of the work, so nothing more than a little brown butter and seasoning are needed

Chef John’s recipe uses Cipollini onions, but most any ingredient in any recipe has a suitable substitute. For this one I substituted Pearl onions for the Cipollini. AND…I also added BACON! Mmmmmm…

My Ingredients:

clip_image001 1 pound Brussels sprouts

clip_image001[1] 1/2 pound Cipollini or pearl onions

clip_image001[2] 5-6 slices of bacon, roughly chopped

clip_image001[3] 2 tablespoons butter

clip_image001[4] salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste

clip_image001[5] sliced almonds


IMG_0841  IMG_0843

First I blanched the Brussels and onions (separately). Then I rendered the bacon over low heat, and removed the bacon pieces before they were fully cooked. I added the butter to the bacon fat until it browned, turned up the heat, tossed in the sprouts and onions and cooked them a little more for about a minute, then transferred them to an oven-safe dish and threw in a handful of sliced almonds.


Why the sliced almonds??? Just because… Rolling on the floor laughing

Now I was cooking outside on the patio, so instead of the oven I used the grill to roast the veggies. I simply turned the heat up on my gas grill, placed the baking dish on it, and closed the lid. I let them cook for about 10 minutes because the heat on the grill was a little more intense than that of the oven.


The result…PERFECTION!

For Chef John’s preparation, check out the following Food Wishes link: